Start your journey as a Frontend Developer

The 15 week coding bootcamp designed to take you from the basics of web development to advanced ReactJS to employed as a developer. Start coding and get hired.

I must say that I entered Strive School with high expectations since all the tutors have strong solid backgrounds. Now that my batch has finished, it is safe to say that Strive School exceeded my expectations. The curriculum focuses on MERN stack, ja... read more

Nathalie M., now Frontend Developer at SchmiedeOne

What / you'll get

Intro to Programming

2 Weeks
- Variables
- Loops
- Functions
- DOM Manipulation
- Events


2 Weeks
- CSS3
- Responsive Web Apps
- Animations
- Flex
- Bootstrap
- Mobile First

Build Week #1

1 Week
- Build Spotify
- Team work
- Git Collaboration
- Skill assessments
- Code Reviews

/ Next course starts on
August, 9th

Application Deadline: July, 23rd.
The course will train you as a professional frontend developer in three months.

Why/ Strive School

Pay only after you get hired

Start paying only after getting hired: 12% of your gross salary a month, up to a maximum of 36 months. (For UK Students only, a small processing fee of 250£ will be required)

Live and

We have designed our school to be completely remote from Day 1. Live classes take place every day - including workshops, lessons, and group work with highly talented and ambitious classmates, coaches, and instructors.

Real World Projects

Remote, but realistic - our classes are designed around real coding, building applications for real-life situations, and approached with real intensity.

Support and Success

Complete one-to-one coaching, a discord community of current and graduated students, and instructors that are always accessible. The Strive School team will introduce you to our network of hiring partners and will always be focused on your progress and success.

A day in / Strive School

A three month course that will teach you how to build incredible Web apps, using modern technologies and amazing frameworks.

Income Share Agreement

With our ISA we are investing in your success. We share the risk of your employment and will cover the costs upfront for you until you get hired. Only then, when you can finally afford it, you’ll be paying back the tuition 12% of your gross income for a maximum of 9,990€. Not happy? We have a full money-back guarantee policy within the 4 weeks trial period.

Strive School is:

- Live Lectures
- 1on1 Tutoring
- Code Reviews
- Peer Learning
- Interview Preparation
- Career Coaching


Strive School has no initial cost for the student, it's based on an Income Share Agreement model, consisting of 12% of your gross salary, for 36 months (max 9.990 €). There's however a small processing fee for UK Students of 250£.

You'll be able to build modern and well designed web (such as Spotify or Medium clones) application.

You'll be able to work with HTML5, CSS3, JS6+, React, REDUX, TypeScript, Git, GitHub and consume many types of APIs.

Strive School is a fully remote course that you can take from wherever you are. We require full time commitment, since every day we're going to have lectures or activities together.

Not really. Part of the training involves Agile Methodologies (such as Scrum), Pair Programming, Peer Learning and a lot of Teamwork.

Yes, our days begin at 9AM and end around 6PM, Berlin time.

Every lecture will be recorded so that you can re-watch them at any time. Our Teachers ant Teaching Assistants will be available for 1on1 sessions in case you need some extra help.

We are operating out of Berlin, but our classes are online.

Yes. We provide career coaching, interview preparation, mentorship and guidance and facilitate introductions through our network.

We currently don't provide a computer to our students.

We provide a certificate of completion that alongside your portfolio will help you be credible with potential clients and employers, but we are not an accredited institution.

We're on a mission to nurture the next generation of Web & AI Engineers in Europe. We're a multidisciplinary team of engineers and creatives who are passionate about education and we are fortunately supported by organisations such as Y Combinator.

We are backed by investors such as Tim Draper (Hotmail, Skype, Tesla, SpaceX) and Y Combinator - investor in Stripe, AirBnb, Dropbox and other tens of successful tech companies from Silicon Vallley and all over the world. Alongside them, we're backed by angel investors from all the top tier companies such as Google, Microsoft, Apple and newly established players like Hootsuite or Datadog.

Strive into Tech.

Learn to Code.