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How I went from business analyst to full-stack engineer in 6 months

How I went from business analyst to full-stack engineer in 6 months

by Bri Cho

| 3 mins read
Meet Jeff, full-stack engineer working at United4Information, a Berlin-based startup focused on combatting misinformation.Now an alumni of Strive School's Fullstack Web Dev program, Jeff sat down with us last week to share his experience going from the business world to the tech world. Stay till the end to see  some amazing tips Jeff shares with current and future students!

Q: So tell me about your work. How does a typical day look like on the job?

A: Well, there really isn't such thing as a "typical day" at work. But normally, we start off the week around 10am on Monday with a meeting to kick off the sprint. We typically end the work day between 6 to 7pm, depending on the complexity of the tasks assigned. In the middle of the week, on Wednesday, we would have a midweek check-in, and then we wrap up the week with a retrospective session on Friday. The team is working from home these days, but we are anyway a remote, global team.

Q: What are some of the most useful you've learned at Strive that you apply at work?

A: Virtually everything! I learned the same stack (MERN Stack) at Strive that I'm using at work, so it's been incredibly helpful.

Q: Awesome! Let's take a step back, how did you first hear about Strive?

A: I stumbled across Strive on Instagram. Before then I had already started learning a little bit of Javascript, but I wasn't quite good at it yet. When I came across Strive, I immediately looked it up, and got in contact with the team.

Q: And how was the admissions process for you?

A: After I got in touch with the team, I got an assignment to complete. It was quite a stressful assignment, but that was exactly when I knew I made a good decision to check Strive out! Once I completed the assignment, I got on a call with one of the instructors for a code review, which was a great process all in all. To be honest, the entire process was seamless, and I think it couldn't have been any better!

Q: Did you look at any other options for learning web development?

A: Well, there are a lot of options, both online and offline. I did a little bit of EdX, but I'd say that was more introductory compared to what I learned at Strive.

Q: And what would you say was the highlight of your time at Strive?

A: Hmm.. our team project. It was amazing. We worked really well together, had lots of great ideas, and Diego kept on adding new features to the list for us to build! This was great because it made us think beyond the ordinary, and mimics a real life work setting.

Q: Wow, that sounds like a tough but fun challenge indeed! Now, if you were to recommend someone to Strive (or vice versa), what are some of the traits that you think would make a successful candidate?

A: You need to be inquisitive, and question everything. Be disturbing, be relentless, and keep on asking questions until you understand whatever concept you are dealing with. Really do whatever it takes to get to where you want to go, and make use of the resources Strive provides you! Book 1-on-1s with the tutors, and seek advice wherever possible. What I found useful was also to build my own mini library, so I can refer back to resources whenever I need to.

Q: Absolutely, and these sound like great tips for current and prospective students too! Last question, what other programming frameworks and technical skills are you learning now or planning to learn?

A: I've started learning a little bit of Vue. I'm also thinking about learning Java, PHP. In general I'd like to understand better data architecture better, and learn more about DevOps, microservices, and scalable architecture.

Q: Great list right there - picking of some of these skills would be super helpful in your career! Jeff, thank you so much for you time, and for sharing you story with us.

A: My pleasure!

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