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Become a Software Engineer or Data Scientist by learning remotely, pay tuition only once you're hired
  • LIVE + on demand classes (in English)
  • Support from our Teaching Staff as well as 1:1's are always available when you need them
  • Pay the rest of the tuition only once getting hired
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/ Why Strive School?

Pay 0 if you don't get hired

Our courses are an investment in your future career. Before the course, you only pay €990 to reserve your seat in the class. After you graduate and go through the Career Services, you pay us 12% of your income until you have repaid the tuition for your course of choice. If you complete the course, go through the career service but end up not getting a job offer within 12 months from graduation, you pay us nothing and we give you the €990 back.

Real World Projects

Our classes are designed to replicate real-life at work. You'll be building applications in teams of 2 or more, all while completing single-person tasks - exactly what happens in real development teams. Having strong coding skills isn't enough to be a great coder and that's why we design the course so that you develop the ability to work together with other people.

We're going to help you get hired

Complete one-on-one coaching, get access to a discord community of current and graduated students as well as instructors that are always accessible to you. We will introduce you to our network of hiring partners and will always be focused on your progress and success.

Follow LIVE & On-Demand Lessons from Home

Our coding bootcamp is designed to give you the best chance in building your coding skills from the ground up, supported by our dedicated tutors and teaching assistants. On-demand materials as well as daily recorded lessons are available to maximize your learning potential.

/ At Strive School we invest in your talent

Most universities and coding bootcamps make money regardless of the outcomes. At Strive School we do things differently: you only pay a small signup fee of €990 before the course starts, and the rest after you graduate and get hired.

Before the course starts: you only pay a seat reservation fee of €990 (€1.990 for the Web Development part-time course).

While you're learning: you pay nothing.

After you graduate and find a job: you pay 12% of your gross salary until you repay the full tuition.

What happens if I don't find a job? If you've completed your coursework and actively participated in the classes, but you're unable to find a job within 12 months since the end of the course, you pay nothing. We also refund you your seat reservation fee.

/ Our courses
Full Stack
24 weeks (Full Time)
Master front-end, back-end, database, server, CI/CD, APIs, Computer Science and everything you need to learn to become a full-stack developer (MERN) or to create the MVP for your startup.
Next Cohort: Feb, 28th
Application Deadline: Feb, 18th
15 weeks (Full Time)
Learn how to design and build stunning Web Interfaces using the best tech on the market (used by companies such as Facebook, AirBnb, Instagram) and enter the Tech World (React, TypeScript, Redux).
Next Cohort: Feb, 28th
Application Deadline: Feb, 18th
Data Science
16 weeks (Full Time)
Intensive training is provided to launch your career in the world of Predictive Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural Networks will be just a few of the weapons in your arsenal.
Next Cohort: Feb, 28th
Application Deadline: Feb, 18th
Web Development
28 weeks (Part Time)
Part Time Web Development course, from the basics for Web Development to the mastering of it. During the course you'll learn the MERN stack, one of the most used modern Full Stack JavaScript frameworks.
Next Cohort: Feb, 6th
Application Deadline: Jan, 27th
/ Beginner? No problem

Our courses start from scratch - you don't need any previous coding experience.

/ We're here to help you get hired

At Strive School, we believe no person left behind - we are here to support you throughout the entire hiring process to make sure it's the quickest, most effective experience possible. Here's how:

Career Coaching: Our extensively trained career coaches will provide invaluable resources to prepare you for interviews, show you how to effectively build your network, teach you how to negotiate salary and apply to jobs.

Job Hunting: Leverage our hiring network to find the right job for you. You'll also have access to tap into our international alumni network that can provide advice, as well as make introductions to potential employers.

Alumni Network: Walk away from Strive with a fruitful career, a deepened passion for coding, and long lasting friendships with like-minded people. We believe cultivating a strong sense of community is essential to your success both as a Striver and as an individual. We work hard but we also play hard.

Our graduates work with the following companies:
/ Strive School is the first Mastercamp in Europe

Mastercamp: a course designed with the University master-grade quality and the hands on approach of a bootcamp

BootcampUniversityStrive School
3 months
> 3 years
3 or 6 months
Total Cost
up to 15000€
5000€ - 25000€ *
7000€ - 9990€
Cost if unemployed
up to 15000€
5000€ - 25000€
International Community
Modern Tech
Hands on approach
Computer Science fundamentals
Support from tutors and teachers
International Guest Lectures
YCombinator brand, the best company investor

(*) Plus the living cost for at least 3 years

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/ FAQs

We are looking for talented people who are motivated by the desire to learn how to create. If you are over 18, attracted to the world of technology, have maybe even already taken your first steps with some coding videos on youtube, and want to develop skills that are future-proof, this course is for you. You don't need to be an experienced programmer already but having a passion for technology or science (or creativity!) certainly helps. It is not necessary to know English perfectly, but you do need to know the basics to be able to interact with colleagues from all over Europe.

We currently offer three courses of varying lengths and commitment: Full Stack Web (6 months, full-time), Data Science (4 months, full-time), Frontend (3 months, full-time) and Web Development (7 months, part-time).

Our courses are in English.

There is no formal minimum required, but if you don't speak English *at all* it is unlikely that you will be able to participate in class activities. If you feel uneasy, don't worry. During the course you will greatly improve your ability to speak and understand English. This is another one of the advantages of participating in Strive School.

The course is a full-time commitment and between theory and practice you need at least 6-7 hours a day of devotion. It's very difficult, almost impossible, to work a job alongside. Keep in mind that our goal is to lead you to a dream job and we cannot do that if you do not put forth your utmost effort.

All you need is a PC or Mac, a high quality webcam and an internet connection. It is advisable to have a work or gamer chair and a second monitor as well.

Some of the key people who have helped get companies like AirBnb, Dropbox, Stripe, Coinbase, Tesla, SpaceX up and running have invested and supported Strive School. Our Strivers have been hired by companies such as Cisco, Check24, Reply, Alten and startups such as Filo, Moovenda, Xriba. We don't think we're better or worse, but we certainly are a viable alternative.

No skills are required to apply. Once you have passed the cognitive interview and the logic/aptitude exam, we ask you to complete some pre-course materials.

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