Master the basics of Web Development in 3 weeks.

Learn to code by building a clone of Spotify with Ignite:
join three weeks of LIVE Zoom classes with expert coders and engaging classwork.
It's 100% for FREE.

Next cohort starting Jan, 11th

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3 weeks course

From Jan, 11th to Jan, 29th

Mon, Wed, Fri

Lectures, live coding and fun chats (6.30pm - 8.30pm GMT+1)

Tue, Thu

Homework, projects and team activities


You will learn the basics of Web Engineering and use technologies such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript


  • Build a high fidelity clone of Spotify
  • Take our final test to earn a certificate of completion
  • Become a lifelong member of our community and make new friends

Start learning to code
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Ignite is our free of charge bootcamp. It does not cost anything. Zero. Nada.

Ignite is a fully remote course that you can take from wherever you are.

Web Development fundamentals, such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript. By the end of course you'll be able to create clones of famous Web App interfaces.

The course starts from zero, no particular background is needed.

Yes, no classroom but the virtual one. You'll just need your computer, a webcam and Zoom.